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Stretching for Beginners

Difficulty: Beginner

Stretching for Beginners

In this first video I’m going to show you a routine that if done daily can help you gain more flexibility. This routine I have been doing since my ballet days and some of these stretches are also practiced daily in the beginner stages of ballet.

Keep positions as long as you ca, but for a minimum of 15-16 seconds.

1. Lay on your back and bring your knees to your chest, flex and point your toes and allow all the weight on your body to flatten your back against the floor.

2. Go on a butterfly position. It is totally ok if your legs do not touch the floor. You can push down your knees slowly one at the time till you feel a bit warmer.

3. In previews position move your head back and forth trying to touch your chest with your chin and back. 

4. Souplesse:

  • Take your body forward and down, trying to reach as far as you can.
  • Try touching your elbows on the floor and finally try to touch your toes with your head.
  • Repeat this movement 2-4 times and take your time. 
  • Listen to your body as far as which position you want to stay longer.

5. Straighten your right leg and flex/point your toes, then try to touch your toes with your right arm and then with your left one. 

6. Repeat to the other side.

7. Straighten both legs to the sides, flex and point your  toes and if necessary move and rotate your hips a little bit.

How do you feel after this routine? Which was the easiest/hardest move? Please let me know in the comment section below!

Stay tuned for more!

– Rosa