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Walking Vanslides Pikes

Have you try ValSlides before?

I love this not only because it really burns and works your core, but because you can do them at home. Although its very affordable (Available on Amazon under $40 here) you can improvise with a piece of cloth and get it done!

Try 3 sets of 15-20x reps and let me know how you feel below!

Celebrity boxing trainer: @rashadholloway

Training facility: @boxnburn

Directed by: @BrandenKing

Video Editing: @Dirtydraws

Clothing: #BodyByRosaAcosta

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  • Danyel Thomas

    Side, front is too difficult. Is it possible to add some yoga routines as well, im going to improve my flexibility as i workout. What’s better than yoga right? Or so i think lol

  • Danyel Thomas

    I’m going to try this. I love circuit training. That’s how i lost 90lbs. Hope it works the same for wanting to tone up and add muscle